Story Time

Let It Shine: My Haiti Testimony

Before I delve into this story I want to let you all know that you can help the people of Desab by donating to an organization called Stone by Stone at This post is raw, and emotional, and imperfect in its story. Some of you reading this may know that a few weeks ago… Continue reading Let It Shine: My Haiti Testimony

Slam Poetry

Slam: Divide

Today I am afraid. I am afraid because the nighttime finally looks scary like the book from when I was small I am afraid because my free spirit has been chained by steel barrels and firecracker sounds Only those aren't firecrackers and now I can't breathe because what I thought was a toy is actually… Continue reading Slam: Divide

Story Time

I Don’t Have It All Together, And I Shouldn’t

Today someone asked me how I always seem to have it all together. They said that every time they talk to me I have a plan and I am making strides to fulfill it. In that moment- standing in front of this person who sees this version of me- I thought, "People were wrong to… Continue reading I Don’t Have It All Together, And I Shouldn’t