Hello there! I’m Lexie!

Welcome to my personal blog where I spout all of my thoughts and throw the filter out the window. Pull up a chair and stay awhile.

My page will feature all types of content, but will specifically focus on my hesitant steps into adulthood and all of the new experiences that come with it. I’ll also be posting hot topics and world issues as my opinions get the better of me- and they always do. I hope to engage with you all as often as possible but life, I’m sure, will laugh at those dreams and keep my writing somewhat scattered.

I have a feature on my page called “Remembering Words” where I hope to post a new favorite quote every so often. Please send me your favorite quotes or excerpts from books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, etc.

I am opening up my page with lots of my past blogs and articles. These past posts are different from the content that I will be posting from here on out, but I decided to share them with you all anyways.

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Behind the blog

I am a twenty-two year old college student pursuing a degree in sociology and family studies. I live to talk to people and dream of listening to them vent their problems to me all day long, but i’m not crazy. Engaged to a wonderful man who brings me great joy, I try to find contentment in simplicity while simultaneously over-complicating everything. I  grew up in a place called Collinwood, Tennessee that is fitted with one red light and absolutely zero franchises (not even a mall).

I dream about taking chances, I’m always looking for adventure, and I love learning new things. This keeps my soul happy. I am a closet nerd complete with a secret Harry Potter tattoo and book fetish. I’m a creative thinker and I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes I create complicated solutions to simple problems, but it’s more fun that way (because it’s all about the journey!).

I believe you can learn a lot about someone by how they treat a waitress and I am sure in the fact that my pawpaw is the greatest person on the planet.

I think that joy is composed of the little moments in our everyday lives, and it’s up to us acknowledge and appreciate them. Growing up as a millennial and watching as my views and beliefs evolved beyond the population of my small town, I’ve learned that opinions are inherently powerful and not always right to share (but I don’t always take my own advice!).

I am wading the waters of my early twenties and still figuring it all out, one small step at a time. I encourage you all to join me as I try to see through the murk and air out my opinions, beliefs, random thoughts, and utter chaos. From life experiences, to hot topics, to world issues, to cathartic rants- this is Life Through Lex.